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What is 4utumn?

Social network

Is the place where you want to share your opinions because nobody is going to prohibit any point of view and no filters are going to be applied.

Mobile friendly

All the webpages are fully designed to be read and maybe, if you are lucky, used through a mobile telephone with computer features that may enable it to interact with computerized systems and access the web.


One of the most perfect social network developed in history. That's the reason why we're going to achieve a perfect mark on the evaluation of this university's project.

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Our Team

Our team is a group of 4 monkeys trained to code who love eating popcorn in class employed by nobody.

We tried our best and we have put all our effort to share all the potential of the [insert teacher's favourite framework] with the internet with this little but almost perfect social network.
So... with all the love from Dani Navarro (Destokado), Miquel Navarro (Guspyro), Dídac Padilla (magicdidac) and Guillem Poy (guplem) we have created this webpage using [insert teacher's favourite IDE].

If you don't know what is this. Try to enjoy it. It is going to be difficult but maybe you are the first one! Who knows?